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Ok guys, time for y’all to download my first mix of the year (150Mb). The first for nearly a whole year too!

This mix is one messed up trip round a whacked up world of music, covering, over thirty odd years of electronica, jazz, funk, rock, hip-hop and others; but mostly cross genre and fairly unclassifiable.

If you like several of the tracks on here, your sanity might be wavering.

If you like all of them you must be as messed up and twisted as I am.


So, why is it called poetic terrorism? What exactly is that?

When I was about 18 I came across a writer who I might have mentioned before, Hakim Bey, who had more than a little impression on me the youth I was then. I read, and reread a tract of his called “T.A.Z. Ontological Anarchy and Poetic Terrorism”, which you can peruse in full here, along with some of his other works.

I was hooked from the first sentence - "Chaos never died".

(Aside - Once I lived in the Temporary Autonomous Zone of Easton, in Bristol - at least that's how signs had been decorated...)

The paragraph on Poetic Terrorism I'll quote in full. Excuse me the indulgence of so much copy and paste.


"WEIRD DANCING IN ALL-NIGHT computer-banking lobbies. Unauthorized pyrotechnic displays. Land-art, earth-works as bizarre alien artefacts strewn in State Parks. Burglarize houses but instead of stealing, leave Poetic-Terrorist objects. Kidnap someone & make them happy. Pick someone at random & convince them they're the heir to an enormous, useless & amazing fortune--say 5000 square miles of Antarctica, or an aging circus elephant, or an orphanage in Bombay, or a collection of alchemical mass. Later they will come to realize that for a few moments they believed in something extraordinary, & will perhaps be driven as a result to seek out some more intense mode of existence.

Bolt up brass commemorative plaques in places (public or private) where you have experienced a revelation or had a particularly fulfilling sexual experience, etc.

Go naked for a sign.

Organize a strike in your school or workplace on the grounds that it does not satisfy your need for indolence & spiritual beauty.

Graffiti-art loaned some grace to ugly subways & rigid public monuments--PT-art can also be created for public places: poems scrawled in courthouse lavatories, small fetishes abandoned in parks & restaurants, xerox-art under windshield-wipers of parked cars, Big Character Slogans pasted on playground walls, anonymous letters mailed to random or chosen recipients (mail fraud), pirate radio transmissions, wet cement...

The audience reaction or aesthetic-shock produced by PT ought to be at least as strong as the emotion of terror-- powerful disgust, sexual arousal, superstitious awe, sudden intuitive breakthrough, dada-esque angst--no matter whether the PT is aimed at one person or many, no matter whether it is "signed" or anonymous, if it does not change someone's life (aside from the artist) it fails.

PT is an act in a Theater of Cruelty which has no stage, no rows of seats, no tickets & no walls. In order to work at all, PT must categorically be divorced from all conventional structures for art consumption (galleries, publications, media). Even the guerrilla Situationist tactics of street theater are perhaps too well known & expected now.

An exquisite seduction carried out not only in the cause of mutual satisfaction but also as a conscious act in a deliberately beautiful life--may be the ultimate PT. The Poetic Terrorist behaves like a confidence-trickster whose aim is not money but CHANGE.

Don't do PT for other artists, do it for people who will not realize (at least for a few moments) that what you have done is art. Avoid recognizable art-categories, avoid politics, don't stick around to argue, don't be sentimental; be ruthless, take risks, vandalize only what must be defaced, do something children will remember all their lives--but don't be spontaneous unless the PT Muse has possessed you.

Dress up. Leave a false name. Be legendary. The best PT is against the law, but don't get caught. Art as crime; crime as art."


Obviously I'm not condoning you all go out and commit criminal acts for the sake of art. But the essence that I take from that small piece is that sometimes art isn't pleasant, sometimes we need to go and explore dark concepts and do something wild as a result.

And that's OK. I mean, what's the craziest thing you've done lately?

Anyhow, here's the track listing. It’s a pretty unlikely mixture, but I think I made it cogent. I wonder how many of you will bother to listen all the way through, to hear the quote above read through by it’s author.

Time Track Artist Album
00:00 Nosferatu Jad and David Fair 26 Monster Songs For Children
01:38 Enjoy Your Tea John S Hall and Kramer Real Men
03:34 Speed The Road, Rush The Lights Piano Magic Speed The Road, Rush The Lights
11:09 Roach Eardrum Last Light
12:56 LETSmakeOURmovies AGF Westernization completed
15:14 Breath Controls Headset Space Settings
19:56 Be Your Own One Self Be Your Own
23:25 Ding Dang The Les Claypool Frog Brigade Purple Onion
29:07 The Millennium Falcon Jaga Jazzist Jævla Jazzist Grete Stitz
32:48 Starbase One Luke Vibert Amen Andrews Vol 1
36:13 Kokoni Sachiari Asa Chang And Junray Jun Ray Song Chang
36:36 Mother The Police Synchronicity
39:32 Physical Adam And The Ants The Peel Sessions
43:29 Venus in Furs Jim O'Rourke A Tribute To the Velvet underground
50:05 Never mind (What Was It Anyway) Sonic Youth NYC Ghosts and Flowers
55:18 God In My Bed Z-Rock Hawaii Z-Rock Hawaii
now worth £70, offers welcome
58:52 Skanky Panky Kid Koala Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs
62:12 Eros Tortoise Standards
66:24 Ringer Four Tet Ringer
76:11 Poetic Terrorism Hakim Bey/Bill Laswell TAZ

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