Saturday, 31 January 2009

Dear Friends, I'm sorry I've been away so long.

Yeah, I'm crap, I know.

There's a number of reasons.

After my last post in July (was it really that long ago?) I went on holiday with my new girlfriend. We stayed with some friends in France, and we all filmed a little thing called Hairy Pouter and the Fatal Flaws. Here's a little preview.

While this exercise was exhausting, it was with friends, and it was fun, and all told, this break was perhaps the most relaxed I've been for a very long time. I vowed to keep that relaxation momentum. I probably failed.

But that's not the reason I haven't been blogging, though this new relationship has been keeping me happily distracted.

When I got back from France, things had changed at work. I'd spent most of the first half of the year somewhat involved at work with the acquisition of a California based start up, and everything got signed while I was away. Now, when a large enterprise spends that much money, it has to justify that to stakeholders, and part of that justification was cost savings elswhere. That meant the dissolution of the project I was involved in. We learnt loads from that work, and I was sad to see it go, but I reckon it was the right thing to do, for a number of reasons. That would all be for another post, and probably one I won't write.

I spent the next month or so at work kicking the tyres, I wasn't sure of what my role was and nobody could tell me. It was a lovely summer though! You'd've thought I had the time then to blog a little, but I really was in another world. I started losing the blogging habit, it just seemed to fade away. After only a few months of writing. Till now!

Then I got a role in the startup we'd just acquired. This was (and still is) pretty much an engineering job. Being further from the frontline of strategy and decision making, and all the heresy and evangalizing I make part of that has been a nice change. Can't last too long, I'll get bored, but at least I've learnt some new coding skills. I'm afraid, all my MSFT buddies, I've caught the open source bug, and I'm not shaking it. This I could explain more of in another post. Maybe I will. The point being, finding myself away from the frontline and the bleeding edge means I've had less inspiring me to write. If you've nothing interesting to say, don't bother.

I've been working at home the large majority of the time. In fact I'm delighted to report I haven't stayed in a hotel or flown anywhere since June. The folk who monitor expenses at work must be delighted! So you'd've thought that with so much less travel that would put time in my hands to write, put together mixes, and generally share verbiage with you.

But, I've been working very hard on a side project. It's not quite done, I've been saying it's nearly ready for months, and that's true, it nearly is. But it always takes longer and costs more! I've been creating this thing with two really good friends, and staying with them when in London. You can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be writing more about this project in due course.
If you're a bit of a hippy, then it's a psychedelic toy for the web. If you're would prefer a more pitch friendly description, then it's "social media aggregation" and "an inspiring front end to photos and music folk contribute to the web and share with their friends"

So much of my time has been eaten up by this - when I find myself with free time, I want to move this project forward, not blog. The motivation and drive is good for me, and I'm learning loads. And maybe I'll launch something successful! If at first you don't succeed...

The final significant reason why posts from me have been absent is Twitter (

I love Twitter. Working from home a lot, being able to participate in conversations, serious and fun makes me feel I'm connected to lots of people on a lovely basis. It gives me a forum to discuss ideas with others. I can say what I'm doing and, to some extent, how I'm feeling about it, and, well, it's all good. Many others have written on the virtues of Twitter, I have little really to add. It would be like reporting on the Instant Messenger revolution. It's not news to me anymore.

So, less inspirational job, side project, twitter, and the distractions of a lovely lady have contributed to my failure to write here.


I have promised some folk I'll write a post on the state of Cloud Telephony as I see it. I've been mulling things over, talking to folk (I have a nice little prospect out of that!), tweeting away, trying APIs, comparing business models, and I'm nearly ready to share my thoughts. That's a post to come.

I have two mixes to upload. (well, one and a half). They'll come soon too.

Mostly I'm looking forward to introducing the world to the thing I've been beavering away on for the last few months.

In short, expect more soon!


DE said...

Welcome back.

I shall place you back on the RSS reader.

JP said...

should have nudged you earlier. glad you've caught the opensource bug, lots to do there. and come and find me for a green tea next time you're in London, want to hear what you have to say about cloud telephony.

Adrian Smith said...

Totnes - say no more!

McMac said...

Just checked your vid, Kitten and thought I should mention that you are bonkers - but Smiffy may be nearer the mark.

When it started out I thought it was porn!!! Imagine my disappointment that it was just a tune - and we know about your tunes!

Tim Stevens

Tim Stevens
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