Sunday, 15 June 2008


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It's been an interesting week. After bouncing back and forth across the pond several times this year, I took a week more or less out to rest; it was well needed and I feel very refreshed and ready to pick up the pace again tomorrow morning.

Amazing what happens when you take time for yourself. Things open up sometimes and opportunities occur that you just don't see when you're moving headlong at an air speed of 500 miles an hour. Let's just say that, partly due to a funeral I attended this week (mostly to support close friends), there has been some unexpected, emotional honesty that has, frankly, made me feel a whole lot better about life and myself. Not gonna say any more at this point, I'll leave it cryptic for now. Those involved will know what I mean. Things still need to work themselves out, and I'm in no real hurry, even though a good part of me is impatient to get to a denouement.

Anyway, I woke up this morning, and the sun was out. I packed the car with swimming things, we set off to pick up one of my daughters friends, to spend the day jumping in and out of the River Dart, and then, this being a British Summer, naturally the heavens opened and started to drench us. River trip cancelled. I can't complain too much, most of the last week was fabulous and sunny.

So home we come, and I decided to do a mix. I've had a couple in mind, one of sorta funky summery kind of tracks - the rain did for any funkful inspiration I may've had today. Another mix has been pending of kinda lurve songs - but that just didn't feel quite right to do today either, for one reason and another.

So I did a mix of purely electronic tunes. Broken beats, occasional stilted lyrics, shattered melodies. Once or twice you might feel like dancing. You might feel like getting weepy. You might barely recognise some of this as music. There are frenetic moments, still moments, and almost everything in between.

This is not music you're likely to hear in the clubs, or on the radio. Maybe if you're in a chill out room in Germany...

I wonder if my regular listeners will struggle with this one, perhaps more than the showtunes of a while back. Though it would be for completely different reasons.

If you like it, let me know! If you don't, it's fine for you to keep your opinions to yourself, thank you very much. I do these mixes mostly for my own self indulgent purposes.


In the Master BedroomA Viable Alternative to Actual Sexual Contact
05:45FreeformDiceAlt. Frequencies
13:23AGF+DelayThe Return of UsElectric Ladyland Clickhop Version 1.0
17:23MRIData BoogieAll that Glitters
23:55Telefon Tel AvivFarenheit Far Enough (Prefuse 73 Bonus Beats remix)Immediate Action #08
27:02Si BeggEnglandDirectors Cut
31:26TussRushup I Bank 12Rushup Edge
36:02ClarkNight KnucklesBody Riddle
39:41TrioskIntensives LebenThe Headlight Serenade
45:55B FleischmannPhones and MachinesThe Humbucking Coil
50:48Christain KleineQuentinBeyond Repair
56:00Global GoonLong WhineyCradle of History
65:34Susumu YokotaTears of a PoetGrinning Cat

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