Thursday, 1 May 2008


Download or stream from here. about 91Mb

I started out thinking I'd do something happy, given that it's May, and at least in the northern hemisphere summer is approaching. Think we in the UK have our summer on the third Wednesday of the month normally.

Thought it'd be happy. But ended up somewhat different. Maybe it's just me.

No particular blurb, but if you've made mistakes, screwed up, or just felt wrong this mix may just resonate.

Or you may think, once again, that my taste in music is odd and just completely worth ignoring. You're probably grateful that at least it isn't more showtunes!

Comments on what you like or don't like are more than welcome

00:00CodaKramerThe Guilt Trip
01:33Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong (But You AreImitation Electric PianoTrinity Neon
05:35ApologiesJames FigurineMistake Mistake Mistake
11:17No-one's Wrong (Giricocola)Scout NibbletI Am
15:31Nine Plan FailedAdam and the AntsDirk Wears White Sox
20:41One Step Inside Doesn't Mean You UnderstandNotwistNeon Golden
23:54In At The Beep EndP P RoyYou Can't Help Liking
26:45This Is All WrongStyrofoamSplit 7" with Dntel
31:42ForgiveThe Living JarboeDisburden Disciple
37:46What Is WrongTrickyVulnerable
41:16The DownsMinotaur ShockRinse
45:54All Your Women ThingsSmogDoctor Came At Dawn
52:30A Voice At The End Of The LineM WardTransfiguration of Vincent
54:40Suicide Is PainlessKate Earl & Bardi JohannsonLady & Bird
57:30LordyLow & Dirty ThreeIn the Fishtank
61:02I Dare To HopeKing MissileFailure
TailCoda (repeated)KramerThe Guilt Trip


DE said...

Something to listen to while the votes come in

Tim Stevens said...

I hadn't thought of that. Being an apolitical type miles from London, I wasn't really thinking about some folk being left feeling rather crap later on.

Hope you enjoy the Adam & The Ants track. Thought of you, @DE, (and you, @9600) when I put it on. Comes from back before they went crap and got a second drummer.

Tim Stevens

Tim Stevens
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