Saturday, 5 April 2008

Nicest Airport Experience Ever

I'm in Israel for Microsoft TechEd where I'm speaking with a friend of mine, Shy Cohen.

Microsoft have really done their best to make me welcome here. As I stepped out of the door of the plane at Ben Guiron airport in Tel Aviv, there was a friendly chap waiting for me (first time I've ever been met by a stranger with my name on a piece of paper), who escorted me past all the queues for immigration, wheeled my luggage through customs and got me across to the domestic terminal.

Now OK, I've got a 4 hour wait for my next flight south to Eliat, which is dull, but, joy of joys, there is FREE Wi-fi in the airport terminal. And I think I'm the only person using it, as the terminal is largely empty; today is the Sabbath and it seems this is taken pretty seriously around here.

Next to find somewhere to plug the power in - this may be a little trickier... I hope I brought a suitable power adapter.

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