Monday, 17 March 2008

just how long is that?

File this one under ridiculous packaging and promises.

I just went into my local Woolworths to buy a few blank DVDs. Fair play to them, they sell packs of 4 for just 99p (that's about $2 to you Amereekans). I didn't want many, and at 25p each that's about the same price as a cigarette.

Which makes them nicely disposable in my book. Not the best for the environment, but they get scratched and ruined so quickly.

Except, it appears, for these ones. These value, WorthIt!, twenty five pence each DVDs comes complete with a lifetime guarantee. HOWEVER - nowhere on the packaging does it say what this lifetime guarantee really is. Here's some options for me.

As long as I live.

As long as the person I give the disk to lives.

As long as the DVD+R format exists (or at least, is relevant)

Until each DVD no longer works, and has reached End Of Life.


I suspect that the truth is the last of those options - in other words - each of these DVDs is good for as long as it's good for. Not really much of a promise, is it?

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