Saturday, 8 March 2008


It's been a few weeks since I last provided my few dear readers with some music to bemuse and delight.And I hope this new offering won't disappoint.

Girls that Glitch.

Glitch Music, for those who haven't come across it, is a genre all it's own. Here's what wikipedia has to say on the matter:

"The origins of glitch music are derived from the failure of digital technology. The effects of failure in technology, such as bugs, crashes, system errors, hardware noise, skipping and audio distortion, can be captured on computers and provide the basic building blocks of Glitch music"

I like the definition. Suits a good amount of this music, but I'm sure a glitch purist, should any exist, would say I'm stretching the genre with this selection. Fair enough, some tracks have real drums. I never really stick with one thing long anyway, I like to twist and shake, and maybe surprise a little once in a while. My favourite time to play music to people is after a party, when everyone's knackered, maybe too wasted one way or another to get a conversation together, and happy to be taken to strange and unexpected musical places.

I've included female voices on every single track. I reckon that glitch music is something which it's obvious for geeks to make, male geeks at that. With this selection I try to show that when you add a girl's voice to glitchy music, it can provide the opportunity to create tunes that are fragile, delicate, and feel like they are just on the verge of breaking.

I think that's what you get here. Cracked, digital rhythms, combined with melancholy melodies, and strange haunting electronic noises. All brought afloat with different touches of femininity. And the occasional wander to slightly safer pastures.

I hope you enjoy it. Grab it from here (106 Mb mp3)

Let me know what you think, so I can completely ignore your feedback when thinking of what to do next


00:00Susanna and the Magical Orchestra -
Hello List of Lights and Buoys
03:51PsappHiThe Only Thing I Ever Wanted
07:37Brisa RochéAt The ShoreThe Chase
10:42Piano MagicWrong FrenchPopular Mechanics
16:01Justine ElectraPresidentSoft Rock
21:01Dntel featuring Jenny WilsonRoll OnDumb Luck
24:33Venus HumDo You Want to Fight meThe Colors In the Wheel
27:46LambThe Night has a Thousand EyesAll in Your Hands
33:25Sophie RimhedinStrangeHi-Fi
38:16His Name Is AliveMarriedHome is in the Head
40:57Björk In the MusicalsSelmasongs
45:28EstheroMelancholy MelodyWikkid Lil' Grrrls
50:01Múm & SjonShe Begins Her EducationMotorlab #2
53:40CocorosieNoah's ArkNoah's Ark
57:36Regina SpektorEditBegin to Hope
62:09Sigur Rós Njosnavelin()
69:02Lali PunaTogether in Electric DreamsI Thought I Was Over That
73:17Lady and BirdBlue SkiesLady and Bird


Andrew Back said...

I'd forgotten all about glitch! There was and maybe still is a night here that centered around glitch, 'The Black Rabbit whorehouse':


DE said...

As my comment will doubtless be ignored, I'll make it before I listen. Here we go.

Tim Stevens

Tim Stevens
Be Silent