Saturday, 9 February 2008


Rain. We here in Britain are experts on rain. We have all sorts. For lots of the year, it is grey, wet, and the chances of rain are that it could start... just... about... now...

But you know, there's rain and there's rain and there's rain. And we probably have more words for rain, then the Inuit have for snow. Mind you, it is a myth that they have dozens, hundreds, or thousands, there's about 4. No link, check for yourself!

Apparently there are pretty much three types of rain, no matter what word you choose, be that shower, storm, mist, cats and dogs &c. Scientifically speaking apparently all there really is is orographic, frontal and convective rain.

Whatever the scientists say, I think we have more. We have drizzly rain, which is great on a hot day, it cools you down - but frankly crap when you have it for months at a time. We have heavy rain in, which you either avoid, or give in to it - once you're wet, you may as well enjoy it, I don't know about you, butI like the feeling of being completely and utterly soaked sometimes, especially when I know there's warm towels, clean dry clothes, a raging fire, and hot food waiting for me.

I don't like it when a soaking wet dog jumps on the sofa. That's a downer.

Maybe it's been a really hot humid, tropical day, and you're looking forward to 5 o'clock and the predictable storm to cool the air, and allow you to breathe for a few seconds without feeling like you're drinking hot water. Not in England; I lived in Durban, South Africa for a while, and that summer I saw amazing lightning storms nearly every day, as the sun went down and the air cooled. But it got darn wet!. After a while I knew when it was coming and I got the hell out of the way in time.

Storms at sea, that's another thing again, with churning waves, tempestuous winds, and the risk of capsizing. I recall (or maybe it's my imaginings) seeing The Tempest at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall, and the weather being awful, but the actors bravely struggling on. Added to the play somehow, though I could barely hear a thing!

The theme of this mix - not Shakespeare, not outdoor theatre, nor sunshine; but rain & storms. Once again I seem to have covered a number of decades and a number of continents and have included music never put side by side before, including a version of Purple Rain quite unlike the original

Download or stream from here (92Mb)





00:00The PixiesStormy WeatherBossanova
07:00Nina SimoneI Think It's Going to Rain TodayNina Simone and Piano
10:23Nina NastasiaStormy WeatherDogs
13:08Jim O'RoukeGhost Ship in a StormEureka
16:15The Flaming LipsFive Stop Mother Superior RainIn a Priest Driven Ambulance
22:03Safety ScissorsStormy WeatherParts Water
27:26Ryuichi SakamotoGeorge In RainLove is the Devil
28:46BasixPurple RainCosmosonica - Crazy Covers Vol 1
32:38Giant SandDirty From the RainChore of Enchantment
36:02Patrick WolfThis WeatherWind in the Wires
40:26Willard Grant Conspiracy + TelefunkJust a Little RainIn the Fishtank
44:44Norah JonesSeptember in the RainMarian McPartland's Piano Jazz
47:51Penta Leslee SwansonThere Was a Thunder There Was RainSorrow and Solitude
52:33Linda PerhacsChimacum RainParallelograms
55:39Craig ArmstrongWeather StormSpace Between us
61:32MùmWill the Summer Make Good For All of Our SinDusk Log

I notice I'm repeating myself already. We're only on mix 4 of the year, and I find Giant Sand's Chore of Enchantment album appearing again. Howe Gelb is a top artist, so I forgive myself!

Found as well that the copy I have of that Mùm ep is worth about £30 now. How nice for me. Hope you enjoy the tunes. Let me know!

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Isaac said...

Can't believe you didn't include Missy Elliott's "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)". Classic 90s hiphop on the weird side.

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Tim Stevens
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