Friday, 4 January 2008

Warm Spicy Apple Juice

I've had a pot of this on the go nearly all winter. I reckon it fends of colds, or maybe I just have a good immune system. Here's how I make it. I have to thank my daughter Savannah for helping come up with the recipe.

1 litre of concentrated apple juice. No point using fresh stuff. Same amount of water, use the bottled stuff if you want, costs more then petrol (gas) does though, and you won't go as far with it. Throw in some sliced fresh ginger. Some cloves. Some whole allspice. Maybe half a cinnamon stick, broken a little. A lemon chopped into rough quarters. Perhaps some dried lime leaves. Simmer for hours, with a lid on the pot, until the lemon flesh starts breaking up.

Drink half of it, then top up with more apple juice and water and heat up again. It's good to do this for about 3 days, unless you finish the whole pot in one go.

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Robbie said...

I tried this a few weeks back, smelled like Christmas =)

Tim Stevens

Tim Stevens
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