Monday, 14 January 2008

Life support system unplugged

Seems the worst part of moving house is being broadband-less for the best part of two weeks, at least, just having intermittent access to the net. I'm pretty sure Tika would disagree, but she takes control of packing and unpacking, and I, just a mule. Need two trips to the tip, which should get squeezed in today

My RSS feeder is choking, might just have to do a bulk "mark as read".

My twitter feed is desperately out of control and out of date - that only takes half a day at the best of times!

Tomorrow morning I head off to Glasgow for a four day offsite. Where I will have to battle many others for my slicec of what will no doubt be a too-small-pipe. Still, posting blog entries is pretty much text only, they might just squeeze through the bottle neck of 50 techies on a 4Mb connection. So maybe I'll give you something worthwhile to read soon. This post was a waste of your time, and mine.

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