Wednesday, 9 January 2008

I shouldn't hack hardware

Ever since I patched my Netgear DG384Gv1 wireless router with a recent firmware update, my broadband's been flaky as hell, and I doubt it's my ISP, as they've been consistently great for the last 4 years, with only one outage that I'm aware of, and that was based at the exchange, so not their fault. It's not an unbundled line.

Serves me right for tweaking.

Did the same to my HTC Universal phone too, simply cos I wanted a really thin WinMobile 6 o/s on there. I know fanboys, Windows on the phone, you don't need to tell me, and now it's pretty screwed too. I could try another distribution I suppose.

Just so you know I'm bored to death of all the "Microsoft sucks", "Linux/Apple rulez" comments that end up on far too many blogs and news sites - y'all need to get a life, especially now that there is growing choice for consumers out there - so please don't bother polluting my page.

I've started forwarding my mobile to a softphone running on my computer, my current cell reception ain't great anyway. Dropped calls or rough and ready VOIP? It's a tough decision. Hopefully the router doesn't go down while I'm on the phone...

I'm in the middle of moving, as I've currently mentioned. I'm gonna end up further (as the wires fly) from the local exchange then I am now. I'm changing my ISP too, not that I really want to, but if my employer more or less gives it to me for free, it's a bit of a no-brainer, and it means I'll probably end up with a new router, that they patch as part of the service (which I'm not sure I like). However I'm pleased to be on the sidelines, waving flags, of a project, that is making that particular device a Good Open Source Citizen, which it hasn't always been.

I've learnt before, but the lesson I'm reminding myself of is that I should stick to high level software and leave the low level hacking to those who really know what they're doing.

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