Tuesday, 29 January 2008


You lucky people! Here's a new mix! 108Mb!

This time it's kinda reggae-ish, but off on a tangent once or twice.

I have no back story for this one, just a bunch of tunes really. I like them, hope you do too.

00:00Theme From ShaftChosen Few20 Film and Stage Classics - Jamaican StyleWho is the man?
03:32John JonesVan Dyke ParksDiscover AmericaThis chap produced Smiley Smile, by the Beach Boys
06:34Surfin'Ernest RanglinBelow the BasslineJazz? Reggae? Ska?
12:09So LonelyThe PoliceOutlandos D'amour1979 and back when Sting had just broken free
16:47Can't Stop MeAnthony BCan't Stop Me
20:10MoneyEasy Star All StarsDub Side of the MoonThe best Pink Floyd cover album ever.
26:33Money DubHorace AndyHorace Andy's Dub Box
29:30I'll Never Fall in Love AgainSly & The Family StoneDance to the Music And why not?
32:47Gotta Serve SomebodyNasio & Drummie Zeb/Razor Posse/InclineIs It Rolling Bob: A Reggae Tribute to Bob Dylan
37:28Unbreak My DubJStarMost Wanted Vol 2I love this tune. Great re-interpretation.
41:22CurlylocksBaby FoxA Normal FamilyA reggae classic, with a nice modern production
46:47Residence DubDr IsraelLand of Baboon
51:39Bug DubUVXUnity Dub's Voyage Into Paradise
58:51Up Through the DownGrizzlyDJ Kicks - The Black Album Rockers Hi-Fi
62:15Funkier than a Mosquitoes TweeterNikka CostaCan'tneverdidnothin'I love this girl's work. Frank Sinatra was her godfather.
65:58Fruit ManWeenLa CucarachaOne of my favourite bands since the early nineties. Nothing is sacred.
69:59HopeFat Freddy's DropBased on a True Story

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