Monday, 28 January 2008

Cooking and making music

I love cooking, and I love music; wish I had the chance to make it more often, it's over a decade since I finished a tune. Ouch. (Nigel, are we ever gonna get that jamming weekend? And did you know your DNS is currently screwed up?)

But then, I do now have a family and other priorities that seem to get in the way, and something had to give (though I didn't enjoy selling the studio when Savvi was born and we were totally skint. Worth it, but painful)

The most important talent you need to make music, or to prepare food, or indeed, do anything vaguely artistic is to know what you like. If you can't explain to yourself why you don't like insert_least_favourite_band_or_food_product_here then you have no business attempting to do better. In my not so humble opinion.

This guy shows us he is blessed with the ability to mix cooking and music production in a neat and novel way. The video made me laugh too. Thanks to Philip for forwarding the link to me through Facebook.

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