Tuesday, 1 January 2008

I'm prepared to tell you about some changes that I'm promising myself

It's 2008. Only just mind you, and of course the New Year event happens many times over round about now, and that's just the Gregorian Calendar.

At this time of year we resolve to change ourselves for the better. There's no point making all those New Year resolutions unless they are to improve ourselves.

Whether we share those promises we make to ourselves with others, or we keep them private is a personal decision. Sometimes a shared resolution is easier, as family and friends can support us. Of course, when we let ourselves down, that happens in public too if we tell the world. The trick is not to make public failure become public humiliation.

We're going to be thinking a lot more in 2008 about how we can live our lives privately in public, and I guess this blog might touch on that.

Which leads me to the point of this post. Sharing with you a few New Year Resolutions. Ones that I hope you'll support me in keeping, and won't kick me about too much should I break them. I'll try and keep myself in check anyway. And so in no particular order...

Resolution I

I reckon I should keep a blog. I've been told this a few times. So here it is! What can I say!

I have been referred to before as the man with no URI. That's gotta change. Plenty to say, indeed some have a hard time shutting me up. Just need to put it down on "paper" better. The hard target is to get a kernel for the blog in two to three months time, so that I can trick people into having a reason to come here regularly.

I promise myself that I will blog at least once a week

Resolution II

I'll talk a little about where I work in future posts. Our motto is "Do Less: Achieve More", and I guess at times I may've interpreted that a little too literally.

A lot of what I do is opinion sharing, invention, talking and evangelising. I sometimes describe myself as a Software Heretic, and indeed the relevant HR system at work has even allowed me to set that as my job title. Go figure, is that enlightened or just an oversight?

Anyway, if heresy is challenging established wisdom, then that's what I do. But I need to get away from just talking about change, and do a bit more making sure it happens.

As an aside, this isn't one of my resolutions, but I should get round to reading The Four Hour Work Week soon. Maybe you should too.

I resolve to work better and achieve more.

Resolution III

I'm not gonna abandon my day job any time soon people. Working in a big company, with loads of disruption, and plenty of willingness to change suits me. Turning a Telco into a Software company is quite good fun, and over time I'll tell you more about it. Pays the bills too. But this resolution is one that I keep promising myself, and I'll make it public now. This year I really am going to do a startup. I don't know what it will be yet, and I got close last year (but I wasn't telling you about it then). I'd like to do it dogfooding the stuff from work and telling you all about it as I go. Might be that can be part of Resolution II if things work out.

In the next week or so I'm going to sign my life away, renting what feels like a phenomenal amount of money to buy my first house at what is probably the peak of the market in the UK. If I was stateside I really wouldn't bother. I'm hoping that the house that the bank and I are paying nearly £250k for, even though it only cost £65k to buy the land and build the property 12 years ago, is not going to suffer a monumental decline in value before I want to leave. Either way, I reckon that I want to be putting away some money that is much less leveraged than the n% I'm putting down. Pray for me on this one!

I promise to start a company.

Resolution IV

This is the boring one. Less toxins. More exercise. We all make this resolution I suppose, none of us are getting younger (yet) so I won't dwell on it. But here's some things I might do.

We have a Siberian Husky. he's called Kinook and is gorgeous and my friend, sorry if he sings while I'm on your conference call. I'm going to take him out cycling more often, until I can go faster than him cross country (ha!) Good for both of us.

I take my fantastic daughter ice-skating most weekends, and we have both got to the stage where we need lessons, or we'll get bad habits. I want to get that damn hockey stop right.

Some of you could probably guess other things that fit in this generic resolution for me, knowing my lifestyle a bit better. You're probably in my Facebook roster, so I trust you a bit more than anonymous readers here.

I promise to live more healthily and get fitter

The rest are secret

I have made more resolutions. But until there is a security breach of my private thoughts, or I delegate you some trust of my memory and consciousness, they will remain a secret. And by the time that happens I'll no doubt have broken them anyway, as I'm sure the private resolutions are the ones we break first.

If I'm sticking to Resolution I then you'll be able to see how I get on over the course of 2008 with the rest of them. If I break it, I guess you'll never know!


DE said...

You may find that blogging every two weeks is quite a challenge, given the length of articles you are likely to write, and the standad you usually keep.

shaidorsai said...

I'll enjoy reading you, and will get you onto my blogroll ASAP. Blogging every week is hard...

sophiesunshine said...

Thanks Tim, it is nice to know how you are getting on and well done for the house!!
Good luck..
BIg hug

McMac said...

so young Kitten - that old bow wow of yours can ride a bike!!! I retract all the anglo saxonish hitherto directed at such a talented mutt.

Lets see if your detox can survive Glasgow then. I have unshakable faith in human kind - faith that they will always do the wrong thing! I'm sure it will survive you and Glasgee!!!

Tim Stevens

Tim Stevens
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